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Our inflatable and amusement park equipment warranty
We offer a two-year warranty for all new special event inflatable equipment and amusement park equipment! Whether you are buying a custom brand obstacle training ground for event marketing purposes or an inflatable air castle for commercial leasing, you can be comforted to know that your purchase is included.

We guarantee all new inflatable products within one year
All new inflatable products are guaranteed for two years. Any product damage or defects caused by negligence, improper use and / or abnormal wear and tear due to overuse are not covered by our warranty.
The use of any inflatable product on hard ground (i.e. any other surface other than weeding) without the use of tarpaulin will constitute improper use, and any damage caused by this will not be covered by the warranty.
Color, artwork and design are subject to change without notice and will not be considered defective.
We will provide warranty service. We are not responsible for unauthorized modifications and / or repairs. All transportation costs of warranty items to and from our factory will be paid by the customer.
The new blower is guaranteed by its manufacturer. Refer to the blower manufacturer’s Manual for troubleshooting and warranty information.
Most other accessories are provided with a thirty day warranty from the date of shipment, excluding sprayers, acid and alkali hoses, zippers and grommet.
All previously used inflatable devices are sold “as is” without warranty.
For complete warranty information, please download our terms and conditions.
Do you have any questions about our warranty? Welcome to contact us.


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