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Learn all about inflatable products and how to become a new business owner and entrepreneur. Inflatable products are one of the most popular products in the booming entertainment leasing and entertainment center industry in the United States. Party leasing business is listed as one of the top ten most profitable commercial enterprises in the United States! It’s fun and meaningful to start your own inflatable leasing business. Also, if you have children, this is the coolest answer to the question, “what does your father do?”.
You can start your own business and rent inflatable jumpers, inflatable slides and roadways to individuals, businesses and organizations for a small amount of money. Birthday parties, school activities, church activities, carnivals and company activities are in high demand for entertainment inflatable equipment. We have an entertainment mix designed to minimize budget. Because we know it’s tricky, our focus is on helping you navigate the early stages of your new business. A good place to start is to define your financial goals and then design your business around them. If you want to generate supplementary income, your business may be different from when inflatable leasing is your main source of income.
For further guidance on starting your own business, please download a copy of our inflatable leasing business startup guide! It covers:
What to study at the beginning
A list of 12 steps to follow when starting and running a company
What inflatable products do you buy
How to organize the daily operation of inflatable leasing business
Write delivery note and lease contract
Promote your new business
payment method

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