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Payment terms and financing of inflatable products
We provide reasonable payment terms and financing methods for inflatable products.
Whether you want to set up a new entertainment inflatable equipment rental company or order custom inflatable equipment for marketing purposes, we will help you. Financing for inflation has never been easier.
Flexible payment terms for inflatable items
Our terms of payment vary with your purchase. For custom goods and non stock goods, 50% deposit is required. The balance should be paid before shipment.
For stock items and parts orders, full payment is required before shipment.
All our prices are in dollars. The prices listed are exclusive of tax.
Payment by bank draft, draft, telegraphic transfer or credit card is acceptable. Deposits (but not final payments) can be paid to i2k in the form of personal checks. All credit card payments are subject to a 3% convenience charge.
There will be no cash on delivery
For more information about our terms of payment, please download our complete terms and conditions of sale.

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