Shanghai star wisdom inflatable products co., LTD. Enterprise official website revision!

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Shanghai star wisdom inflatable products co., LTD., founded in 2007, is a collection product development, production and development in the integration of professional mold factory, the company is mainly engaged in large inflatable toys, water sports, inflatable advertising and a series of product manufacturing and sales, is widely used in some amusement places, large fair, fair, art festival, such as business, sports, social activities, is popular among the masses of customers, the company is located in the economic, financial, trade and shipping center of Shanghai, adjacent to the big economic province jiang, zhejiang and hongqiao hub, hongqiao airport and other multiple arteries, the traffic is very convenient.

The backbone of the company is mostly the industry elite. Xingzhi is highly praised by customers for its fine and strict material selection, standardized and meticulous production, novel and perfect design and all-round service.
At present, the company not only with Samsung, Nokia, Haier, Wong Lo Kat, Sanyo and other well-known enterprises to form long-term cooperation, but also actively explore overseas markets, so that the products are sold all over the world.
In four years, star wisdom module has been adhering to the focus on the needs of users, adhere to the “star intellectual products and the quality is supreme” the management idea, timely grasp the latest information of the model gas field, the latest technology applied to products and production practice, constantly improve the management ability and the level of product quality, better service to customers, service to enterprises.
The company’s products always adhere to high quality standards and timely meet the market demand, large inflatable toys have been developed hundreds of kinds, according to the needs of different countries, we have designed a number of exquisite realistic castle type small inflatable toys;
The successful development and application of acousto-optic technology in inflatable advertising media has injected new vitality into the old products. At the same time, our company continues to expand the production field, successfully developed and developed inflatable rock climbing, jumping, water park and other products. The company has a perfect after-sales service system.
Our consistent purpose is “to the quality of survival, reputation and development.”

We are willing to first-class management, first-class products, first-class quality, first-class service innovation, and customers hand in hand, a total of development, welcome to inquire, welcome patronage!

Gift inflatable arch

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Use of inflatable arches How to raise the air mold product correctly (take the use of arches as an example)

First, fix the power cord, so as to open and close the store door without obstruction;

2. Open the arch bag, expand the arch, and tie the ropes on the two buckles in front of the arch, and the two buckles behind the arch.

Three, in the arch two with the foot inside respectively on the sandbag;

Four, blow up the air mold, adjust the position;
If unstable, secure the arch with ropes from the front and back lanyards;

Five, the day before the use of the arch pay attention to the weather forecast, if there is wind, you need to prepare a fixed rope, sandbags can be put more than one.
If there is a wind above six degrees, the arch should not be blown;

Six, in use, if the pedestrian accidentally knocked off the power supply to make the arch fall, just re-plug the power supply, the arch can stand up again.